5 Simple Steps to a Better Spanish Accent (FOLLOW THESE!!)

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5 Simple Steps to a Better Spanish Accent (FOLLOW THESE!!) In today's video we will show you a few tips you can follow to improve your Spanish accent. Many people struggle with their accent, and one of the main reasons why that happens is because they focus on the wrong things. Hopefully after this video you will have a solid roadmap to improving your Spanish accent and sounding more like a Native Speaker.

0:00 Introduction
0:17 Step 1 - Choose a specific Spanish
2:09 Step 2 - Researching characteristics
2:45 Step 3 - Content based on desired accent
3:41 Step 4 - Pronunciation and Intonation
4:59 Step 5 - Mirroring Technique
5:52 Recap The 5 Steps
6:18 Call To Action

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