A Day in Chiang Mai - Vlog 153

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A Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Vlog 153

A video of a day in Chiang Mai where I checked in and out of some hotels. A long songtheaw ride, and later heading out early in the evening with a look at the bars, restaurants and hotels on Loi Kroh, Chiang Mai's premier girlie bar street.

For Bkk112 recommended guest friendly hotels in Chiang Mai:

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Checking out of Wangburapa hotel
1:33 Songtheaw ride to Suriwongse hotel on Loi Kroh road (I won't be offended if you skip this part, it's pretty long)
8:21 Map of the Songtheaw ride
8:27 Check in fail, only twin rooms available
9:17 Waiting in a nearby Starbucks for a double room to be ready, which car would you go for?
10:04 Hotels, restaurants and bars nearby
12:13 Nice room and a welcome drink in the cafe
15:03 6pm, heading out on Loi Kroh early for a long night of drinking (thumbnail is from the Number 1 bar)
17:51 Rock Me Burger restaurant, highly recommended (Runaway Train song outro)

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