Beatnik Beauty Transformation: A Sixties Makeover (1963) | British Pathé

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Stephanie Beaumont, a beatnik girl, walks into a beauty parlour in Mayfair, London and undergoes a full makeover from hair to make-up in this colourful footage from 1963.

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Mayfair, London.

L/S of beatnik girl, Stephanie Beaumont, walking down a London street clad in leather jacket and jeans. Narrator tells us that she's "... passing a Mayfair beauty parlour, where smart chic women pretty themselves up. No place for her - or is it ?." She looks at the entrance of the beauty parlour, stubs out her cigarette and enters. M/S of Stephanie being seated in a very posh looking parlour. Two beauticians stand over her deciding what they can do with this beatnik. C/U of eggs being cracked open and put into a bowl, the narrator informs us that they are not to provide the beatnik with a "...a good square meal .." but to make "...a lather that will condition your hair." We next see Stephanie's head over the back of a sink as the egg yolk in rubbed in.

M/S Stephanie walks into shot aided by two beautician assistants. Her hair is now in curlers and net, she lies down on a couch and is covered by a blanket. Now the real treatment begins. We see various C/U shots of Stephanie lying on the couch. She is first treated to a face massage, then pads are placed over her eyes and then the plastic mask is added. We see an assistant rubbing and brushing various liquids and creams into Stephanie's face. Which we are told are are actually ".. anti wrinkle lotion and warm " The mask is removed, and she is then treated to an "oxylation spray" before shiny pink lipstick is added.

C/U shot of Stephanie's reflection in the mirror, her hair is now in a bouffant style and is being given the finishing touches by an assistant. Hairspray is added - Stephanie smiles obviously pleased with her new hair do. M/S Stephanie walks into a very stately looking room with a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. She is wearing a very glamorous shiny looking outfit. She talks with an assistant perhaps discussing about her new fashionable look. L/S She places a shawl around her shoulders and begins to walk downstairs and smiles. The transformation from beatnik to beatnik beauty.

Note: this is a FAB story - JH.

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