Clint Lowery - Silver Lining (Official Music Video)

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Clint Lowery's "Silver Lining" comes from his album 'God Bless The Renegades. Buy/stream/download the new record now at ​

Oh I’m so amazed. What we do, what we say, where we go, how we change. I kinda feel betrayed. Part of me wants to die when I carry this around. Well at least we’re not the same. What keeps us all up at night. Will follow you into the grave. Some things will never change. I swear to God, you should come around. They take me in and spit me out. What do you care, if I’m coming down. On your way up. I wanna be your silver lining. I wanna be your only answer. I wanna feel the silver lining. I wanna be your only answer. I wanna feel it, the silver lining. So give me more than I could ask for. You know I’m not ashamed. I let the demons cry so loud they give out. I don’t feel out of place. That part of me will survive. If I keep you all around. Well at least I’m not afraid. What gives you all the right to follow me into the flames. Some things are meant to be. I’m not afraid of anything. Oh no I promise you won’t. You’ll never see this side of me. ’Til you can’t get what you want from me.

Directed by JT Ibanez

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