Every Time My Heart Rate Goes Up, I Play A SCARIER Horror Game!

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You ever seen somebodys heart rate while playing horror games? Well today we did a challenge with a Heart Rate Monitor lol.

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So recently we did a challenge where every time i got scared i would play a scarier horror game. This is a very similar concept but this time you get to see everything that goes on. I had to link a Heart Rate monitor with OBS to have a live count of my Pulse. It was hard to setup but i hope yall enjoyed. I just wish we got to play more horror games but i cant even lie. It had me terrified with most the games we played.

Games We Played ▶

Friday the 13th: The Game - Ultimate Slasher Edition

Scrutinized (Didnt get any endings or tips and trips so i couldnt really do much with this game. Although we did get jumpscared lol)

Silent Descent (I thought this game was Silent HIll thats why we played it lol.
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