Festival Artists Online: Vanessa Becerra sings "Morenica me llaman" from Daniel Catán's 'Il Postino'

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Vanessa Becerra, soprano & Joe Illick, piano
"Morenica me llaman" from 'Il Postino' by Daniel Catán

Based on the novel by Antonio Skármeta, and the award-winning 1994 film by Michael Radford, Daniel Catán's critically acclaimed operatic adaptation of 'Il Postino' has many sumptuous moments throughout its three acts. Beatrice Russo's aria "Morenica me llaman" is one of the highlights, a glorious moment in contemporary opera history. In this scene at the village café, the young barmaid sings a lush, lively song as Mario Ruoppolo, the postman, stares longingly at her in the distance.
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