Fly Tying, How to tie a Simple Zonker

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Hook: Hanak H970 BL #6
Thread: Veevus E15 8/0
Tail: Troutline Ghost Streamer Hair
Zonker: Comp Candy Zonker Strip
Rib: Fish On Silver wire .14
Throat: Troutline Ghost Streamer Hair

The Zonker has long been a Stillwater favourite it's provides all the triggers to incite that aggressive charge from a hungry trout. There are many ways of fishing it but it's hard to beat a 15' leader fished on an intermediate line. Mixing up the retrieve with a some figure of eight and long pulls can be devastating! Remember to hold on though as the takes can be savage!

Whats your favourite colour for Zonker patterns, let me know in the comments section below.
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