FOUND! Horror movie location lost for decades! The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

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The Filming locations of The Hills Have Eyes - the original 1977 Wes Craven classic, genre defining film about a family broken down in the desert VS a feral family of cannibals ! For two decades I searched and hoped someone would post the filming locations online, but after waiting and searching all this time, I finally found the correct spot, just northeast of Los Angeles, in the Mojave Desert outside of Apple Valley.

This video is the culmination of weeks of searching and returning to the desert multiple times, combing over the mountains and washes to locate the filming locations of the Carter family trailer, Pluto’s dog attack scene, Beauty’s disappearance and Bobby’s search, Pluto’s entrapment, the Rattlesnake Canyon, the Mars Chase scene, Ruby’s revenge and the Baby’s reunion! My brother and I are happy to present the end result of all the blisters and cactus wounds, THE LOST FILMING LOCATIONS OF THE ORIGINAL HILLS HAVE EYES!!!

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Specific GPS locations in video,
But to start you out 34°35'"N 117° 8'"W
Bring 4wd vehicle, extra water, sun protection, do not go alone. This area is frequented by amateur shooters - stay visible. At the time of filming we encountered aggressive people at least temporarily living out there. There are numerous abandoned cars, chopped up cars, trash piles, bullets, glass, venomous snakes and insects, etc. Visit at your own risk, please exercise caution & plan for desert conditions.

*** I’ve been trying to find this spot for 19 years; and all that time I’ve never come across any post, or any clue to its location anywhere online. That doesn’t mean that someone else hasn’t found it and I just never came across it, but as far as I can tell we were the first. If anyone has info on the gas station or the “mutant cave” please get in touch via Instagram @justinscarred

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