How This Simple Change Made Me a WINGMAN GOD

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How This Simple Change Made Me a WINGMAN GOD

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These daily apex legends season 9 highlights were taken from clips and content on my stream, which you can follow here:


Even though ottr already was a master of the wingman, with repeated youtube shorts talking about his wingman mastery - ottr became even better with the wingman overnight using this one simple trick. Ottr changed his mousepad from a Zowie GSR to a Xraypad Equate - giving one more control than a Zowie GSR as the mousepad is quite a bit slower than the GSR but at the same time a lot more consistent. Ottr takes the mousepad to King's Canyon where he tears up the server, almost getting 4k damage by almost only using the wingman in apex legends season 9 - genesis collection event. Ottr grapples around the map and would've won the game if it weren't for him messing up a stack, but that doesn't change the fact that this video and high kill game with almost 4000 damage was indeed, a banger.

TIKTOK: @ottrontwitch

Outro Music: STARCAT - Odyssey provided by The Arcadium - ​​​​​​​​​

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