How To Run A Horror Game

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Have you run your fingers down the wall
And you felt your neck skin crawl
When you're searching for the light?
Sometimes when you're scared to take a look
At the corner of the room
You've sensed that something's watching
But how do you translate that into a game, when when everyone's passing snacks around a table in a well lit room?

We have some of the roleplaying world's foremost experts on horror games in hand to show us how to fill our players with the fear of the dark.

Andy Staples
Part of the Chivalry & Sorcery design team, committee member of the Gulf Roleplaying Community, and a GM with 40 years' experience.

Seth Skorkowsky
2019 best online content ENnie award winner, Author of the Valducan novels, Game master, and content creator of the Seth Skorkowsky youtube channel.

Mike Mason
Mike is an award-winning game developer and is the lead writer and editor for the Call of Cthulhu line. Mike also set up and ran the Kult of Keepers, a group of Call of Cthulhu scenario writers who organized the UK's Cthulhu Nationals Tournament. Mike, no stranger to the arcane workings of games companies, previously worked for Games Workshop as Black Industries Line Manager for the ENnie Award winning Warhammer 40,000 RPG Dark Heresy.

Petter Nallo
Game Designer, Screen writer, creative director and Author of Kult divinity Lost and a host of other roleplaying games. Nallo's work on Kult Divinity Lost won the 2019 ENnie award for best writing. He lectures on roleplaying, worldbuilding, horror, and gothic literature at schools, festivals and gaming fairs.

This panel took place on October 31st 2020 as part of the GRC Halloween Con.

Music: There is No Time by Tilman Sillescu
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