The Assassin's Creed Project || Part 2: Potential, Disappointment, Hope™||

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Thanks for watching. Please stay safe. I'ma sleep.
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Thanks for arriving/waiting: 00:00

AC Black Flag - Intro & Background: 3:17
AC Black Flag - Gameplay: 11:24
AC Black Flag - Soundtrack: 20:04
AC Black Flag - Narrative: 24:25
AC Black Flag - Rounding Out: 33:42

AC Rogue - Intro & Background: 35:40
AC Rogue - Gameplay: 40:24
AC Rogue - Soundtrack: 45:38
AC Rogue - Narrative: 48:16
AC Rogue - Rounding Out: 54:09

AC Unity - Intro & Background: 57:16
AC Unity - Gameplay: 1:05:00
AC Unity - Soundtrack: 1:13:24
AC Unity - Narrative: 1:16:31
AC Unity - Rounding Out: 1:26:38

AC Syndicate - Intro & Background: 1:30:13
AC Syndicate - Gameplay: 1:36:57
AC Syndicate - Soundtrack: 1:44:16
AC Syndicate - Narrative: 1:46:32
AC Syndicate - Rounding Out: 1:56:40

Concluding Thanks And Shoutous: 1:59:35

(Chris) BloodCell:


The game in the background of the intro and outro is Disco Elysium

You can probably find the games easy enough, off you go. (I'm tired)

All rights to the music used in the video belong solely with the original artists and relevant parties.

This video falls under the Fair Use as found in Section 103AA of the Australian Copyright Amendment Act of 2006. While I don't claim ownership of any of the visuals and music, I claim sole rights to the video itself and the opinions I voice within it.
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