The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever [Reaction] | Dream SMP: Church Prime Founded!

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The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever by @TommyInnit lives up to it's name. I'm reacting to "The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever" and I've never laughed so hard at the Dream SMP! This video features @Dream, @Quackity, and @Tubbo and takes place on the Dream SMP.

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"The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever" involved the founding of Church Prime on the Dream SMP. In this video, Dream shows TommyInnit on his Minecraft roleplay server the power of Twitch Prime and Prime gaming. Tubbo is reluctant and Quackity loves the idea of using Minecraft to get people to subscribe. This was The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever truly, and an incredibly hilarious time on the Dream SMP.

Thanks for checking out my video: #minecraft #dreamsmp #tommyinnit #quackity #dreamteam #dream
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